The Epicurus Foundation was founded by a number of internationally operating entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry (seeds, genetics, plant nutrients, coffeeshops, horticulture). All these companies strive for more transparency in the cannabis chain. In 2012 we joined forces to put this discussion about the regulation of cannabis on the political agenda in the Netherlands. We do this by checking and gathering (scientific) facts and organising conferences under the name The Transparent Chain. In addition, we inform politicians, administrators, journalists and business parties who are interested in the developments of the cannabis sector.

Partly due to the efforts of Epicurus, the experiment with the regulation of cannabis cultivation was included in the coalition agreement in 2017. Meanwhile, Epicurus is one of the government's partners in the run-up to the weed experiment.

Epicurus supports and initiates other projects, such as the guidance of doctors and patients in the use of medicinal cannabis and the bringing together of coffee shops in Cannabis Connect.

For more information please contact us at info@epicurusfoundation.nl

The staff of Epicurus includes: Bart Vollenberg, Rutger-Jan Hebben and Nicole Maalsté

Founders and participants in Epicurus are: Barney's, Can Filters, Canna, Cremers, De Baron, De Kronkel, Dizzy Duck, Dutch Passion, Green House, Koffie & Dromen, Maximillian, Skunk, Splif, The Bulldog, The Grass Company.

The Board consists of: Bart Vollenberg (chairman), Arjan Roskam, Sissy Brett and Rick Brand.